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Over 15 years experience at professional shows

Loving, training, grooming, and competing with our fur-babies has been our lives for over 15 plus years. We believe that our fur-babies are part of our family and deserve the best treatment available for them to thrive. We maintain a safe and fur-baby-friendly environment that assures our clients that their fur-babies are in good hands whenever they leave them at our salon. With our modest space, high-quality equipment, premium products, specialized services, and professional pet caretakers, we position ourselves to be one of the leading fur-baby grooming salons in Southern Ontario.

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Why Paw Squad?

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Natural Grooming Products

Our grooming products are all natural and show quality. Your fur-baby will be beautiful and silky smooth without the use of products that contain harsh chemicals.

Pet Care

We implement the highest standards based on years of professional show experience. By hiring the best pet caretakers, and training them by these standards, your fur-baby will be well cared for.

Basic Training

Our programs are designed to teach you how to train your fur-baby how to be a responsive and a well-adjusted member of your family and the community for life!

Natural Chew & Treats

Organic and Locally Sourced in Southern Ontario All Natural & Hand Sorted Cleans Teeth & Promotes Dental Health 100% Digestible & Chemical Free.

Vet care

After years of experience as breeders and trainers, we work with some of the best veterinary clinics, breeding specialists and emergency hospitals in and around Southern Ontario.

Advanced Training

For those interested in more, we offer advanced training programs, classes and camps.

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